Cane Corso is considered a medium to large sized dog. It has a powerful appearance. Robust and sturdy, nevertheless elegant with lean and powerful muscles and strong bones.

He expresses real and clean strength.

He is heavy but not fat, very special and extremely agile and responsive.

His eyes and expression showing clearly his character’ keen and attentive. His look intelligent and alert.

His temperament is really impressive ‘ smart and calm but yet a real guardian if property, family and livestock. He is and has always been a precious companion for family and children. Intelligent, active and even-minded. He is an unequalled watch and protection dog. He is not familiar with strangers. Docile and affectionate with the owner,loving with children and with the family.

If necessary he becomes a terrible and brave protector of people,house and property giving even his life for them.

Good socializing with other people except family, animals etc from the early age of the cane corso puppy would make him the absolute companion and fearless guardian for a lifetime!!!!