Cane Corso - Guard of Olympus


Who would imagine that many years ago, our first contact with a Cane Corso would create a great love that continues for forever and be our great love !!! So, me and my wife we decided to bring our family a new member, a puppy Cane Corso. After years of living with a friend, partner, guardian, our bodyguard, seeing all these rare gifts gathered in a dog decided to work on breeding this exceptional breed.

Our criteria are strong and rigorous, quality farming is a hard road with a lot of hard work. Our goal … very few fully controlled litters per year and high expectations. Healthy dogs free of dysplasia and other diseases, excellent balanced characters (not fearful, timid, nervous) and as well as possible morphological.

It would be our great pleasure to help or solve any queries you have about our beloved breed the Cane Corso. Dog owners of our kennel have our help for that need fair life of the dog by raising a puppy to a ripe old age.

George Bazakas